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Sugarloaf, California - USA
Please pray for my sister, Sheryl Marmo to be saved, and healed, she moved there recently and is very sick.

Don Sage
Wasilla , Alaska - USA
Just looking at Nazarene Websites, Started looking for ours.Looks like a fine church.Used to know a girl in Beckly 50 years ago named Louise King. If anyone knows her now would like for you to pass this on Thanks and God Bless

Norm and Beth Eggers
Madison, Indiana - USA
THANK you to Gayle Oaks and Steve Colo for your help on Wed!! What a blessing and praising God for leading us there!! Looking forward to worshipping with you soon!

Katherine (Kaye) Burke
Indianapolis, Indiana - USA
Thank you for making a traveler feel welcome this morning. I will see you again soon.

Adam Stotler
Charleston, West Virginia - USA
Greetings To Whom is Reading This,

My hope and prayer is that this message will be delivered to the hands of Richard Wagoner. My name is Adam Stotler and I am a Youth Pastor in Charleston, WV at River Ridge Community Church. Richard may remember me because I dated his daughter Tiffany in 1997 when he was a pastor at Davis Creek Nazarene. It has been too long for him not to know this but Richard made a huge impact on my life at an early age! It is because of his love for God that it pours out in his life his love for people. Will you please tell Pastor Richard that although he never knew this, I am very grateful that God placed him in my life. I am grateful because of the way he lived out true Christianity, and his passion for Jesus he played a part for me coming to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 10 years ago. I pray that this message will encourage him and know that I will be praying for him, his family, and ministry. May you all have a blessed day!!

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